A Moment to Remember

In March 2012, an artist Jung-hee Mun participated in a group show called, Seven Minutes in Heaven.

The show was placed in a cheap motel notorious for nightriders. Jung carefully planned for a site specific performance inspired by her childhood story. She often poked fun by puerile boys as "not a girl" due to her abundant body hair. Jung shaved all of her body hair at the same day with her dad's blade.

Participants for the performance weren't aware of what is happening in a room where the artist was performing. They needed to pay for services categorized as Service A: Top ($1), Service B: Bottom ($2) and Service C: Never says Ever ($5) before they could even enter the room. They were informed by an assistant to pluck a hair from a part of the artist's body, arm, leg and armpit accordingly by the choice of the service they purchased. Within a bit over 3 hours of performing time, 86 participants were willing to pay for the services, and 2 men and 3 women refused to pluck artist's body hair. The artist made a good enough profit to cover materials and well-compensated three assistants.

Seven Minutes in Heaven

No Frame
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